Month: October 2017

Do We Really Need To Allot Space For A Website?

People think that, hosting just refers to allotting a space on a server for a website. Of course, hosting literally means that only, but the job of hosting a site is not just limited to that. The function of hosting is to provide the needed space for a site. The site’s speed, traffic, reliability, control and more depend on the hosting type we choose. If you want to spend nothing for hosting your site, you should choose the free hosting. The free hosting is addressable over the internet, but the point is that choosing the free hosting is not that convincing for the business purpose. Yes, if you are hosting your site for enhancing your customer numbers, then you should not choose the free hosting. If you want to host your site at a low cost, then you should choose the shared hosting. The shared hosting hosts your site well, but you cannot expect the ultimate security at all. If you want to host your site at moderate cost with best ever features, all you should do in this regard is to choose the dedicated hosting. The dedicated hosting is something that has not got any negative reviews from the customers. The reason is that, the dedicated hosting will host your site with no issues or downtime.

Questions to ask your website host company ahead of choosing them

Choosing the domain registration HK company will be easy if you ask the following questions to the company.

First of all, you have to ask how long the company has survived. The more time the company provides services will determine their capability to provide first quality and creditworthy services. Choose the company that possesses many years of experience in the hosting field.

Next, you should ask whether or not the hosting company will supervise its customers’ site all the time. If the company monitors their customer’s site round the clock, they can provide their customers the round the clock support service.

What kind of a backup the company gets hold off to provide the lost information? Yes, if the information on your site is lost due to some reasons, the company has to take the responsibility of providing it back.

Lastly, the hosting company should provide you the features what you look for to host your site. We cannot say that all such hosting companies will provide what you want. There are a few companies that work with the specific demands of their customers.

This is how you have to choose the ideal dedicated server in HK providing company.

Qualities Of A Great Network Security System

You can focus on the server capacity, the amount of data you can store, the backup procedures, etc. when you are creating a network for your company. However, if you forget to have a good security system in place for the network you are building all your hard work will become useless.

We live in a digital age where you have the ability to create a great company network while there are also a lot of people who are eager to access your data without permission. This is where the network security system becomes important. From the newest enterprise firewall protection everything has to be in perfect shape. A great network security system has some specific qualities.

Coverage to All Necessary Fields

If the security system the network has in place is only there to protect part of the network that is not at all a useful network security system. When a company is joined by a network any kind of access to that network can be used by people with bad intentions for their advantage. Therefore, a good security system is going to cover all the fields of a company network to keep it protected. That way no one outside can gain access to the areas they want to damage using any of the of the access points.

Rapid Response

While you can enjoy all the benefits of a storage virtualization if there is no security in place which can solve any security problem instantly you are going to be in trouble. This is why the best network security system is armed with virus, malware or other harmful program detection capability and instant solution providing capability. They identify the threat and make it not a threat as soon as possible.

Easy to Understand and Use

If you are to say your company network security system is excellent it has to be a system which is easily understandable and also easy to use. You will not need a lot of people to teach you what you should do to activate it, use it and update it as it will be really easy to understand.

Chance to Choose What You Want

Most security systems comes with a number of options which lets you have a look at what is going on with your network at any given time. However, the best system is going to let you have the freedom to choose what activity you want to be watching.

Such a network security system is going to keep your network safe and more efficient.