If someone asks you what a media convert is, what would be your answer? Basically it is a simple networking device which helps you to connect two dissimilar media types such a twisted pair and fiber optic. There are various types of converter that we can choose based on our requirement. If you are using it for your small business, then you may not need a very complicated one whereas if you are looking for the big company you are working for, then you will have to go for a fairly advanced device.

 However, the specialized 10g media converter is very much popular now among organizations. It connects 10 Gigabit ethernet links to multimode or single mode fiber. Let’s look at some of the key features of this converter which you can experience.

 Fault alert

 With this option it provides you a notification in case of any fault in the system. This is generally passed on to the ethernet interface of the converter.


 This refers to Re-amplify, Reshape and Retime the signal. It will ensure the speed of 10 Gigabits to enhance the quality of data transmission.

 EDC Control

 EDC, which stands for Electronic Dispersion Compensation, is available in this converter to avoid any dispersion which occurs due to the high speed of 10GB. It is automatically configured by this industrial POE switch, depending on the given information.

 Temperature controller

 It has an inbuilt unit which is there to control the internal temperature of this converter and also it will automatically shut down if the temperature is excessively increased.

 Those are the basic feature which you will be experiencing if you go for a 10g converter. However, it should be further noted that nowadays companies are heavily investing on media converters to bring up the efficiency of the entire operation.

 Hence, the idea to use 10g is highly recommended. Because it will offer you so many benefits over the other types of converters. More importantly it has a super speed which directly impacts the overall speed of the data transmission process. On the other hand, it is highly cost effective. Less use of hardware is one of the significant advantages. Although the initial installation would cost you slightly high, in the long run you will see a massive drop in the total cost.

 Haven’t you still invested on this? It is the high time to consider this option. The world is going forward at an extremely high pace. Unless you adopt to the changing environment while upgrading your ways of doing things, you will fall behind the competition.

 Go for it!